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Hiya, I just joined. It's nice to see so many Wicca related communities on LJ! I hope you don't mind if I share who I am. And if any of you here wish to speak with me anytime, feel free to email me!

Anyways, my Mother and I are both Wiccan, along with some of my other family members, and have been practicing for quite a while now. It's a beautiful religion, and has helped me through so many hard times in my life. Just thought it would be nice to join this, and speak with other Wiccans, and see if I could share info with anyone who would like listen! I hope you don't find me too annoying, XP.

 Much love to all,

Murong aka Bubble_T

PS Yule is coming! I hope you're all going to have a great one! ^^

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